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*all session prices are $100/hour per guest unless otherwise indicated. 


Completely relaxing classic style using gentle and firm pressure to increase circulation and energy, while relieving muscle tension. Following the European Tradition, an overall relaxation therapy.

Deep Tissue

Deep or very deep pressure to release overworked muscles, soften and warm muscle tissue and increase flexibility.

Therapeutic Combo

Your therapist will use a variety of techniques tailored to your particular needs.


Lets Up Our Game. An invigorating massage to loosen, warm-up and prepare the muscles for intensive use. Restore your muscle tone and flexibility with this treatment using stretching and elongation of muscles. Also perfect for post-workout wellness.

Trigger Point

Trigger Point Therapy focuses on easing pain by working on the tender spots in the muscles. Great therapy for pain associated with aging.

Recuperation Massage

After an illness or injury, the body is left in a vulnerable condition and it is vital to give the immune system time to rebuild its defenses. Varied techniques are used to tone up the muscles, boost circulation and increase the body’s overall energy and well-being.

Four Handed Massage

A powerful massage utilizing two therapists during the entire session. If you have trouble relaxing, this massage will relax your mind and body immediately. Experience two massage therapists at once on one body!!
$100 per therapist/60 minutes | $150 per therapist/90 minutes.


Restores and unblocks energy flow and targets specific pressure points based on traditional Chinese medicine.

Maternity/Pregnancy/Pre/Post Natal

Designed to give relief to the special needs of a mother-to-be or new mom.

Lymphatic Drainage

This specialized form of massage is an effective, yet gentle approach in aiding the body’s natural mechanism in the removal of toxins and activating the immune system. Also beneficial for the removal of excess water retention.


An ancient healing therapy used to stimulate the body’s own healing forces, focusing upon specific reflex points on the head, hands, feet and/or ears. Can be used as an add-on or included in your session.

Head Hands and Feet

Scalp massage, reflexology for hands and feet.

Hot Stones

Deeply warming to soften and relax your body and mind (60 min $140)
(2 person minimum for mobile)

Sciatica Massage

Our sciatica specialists utilize effective techniques that are utilized to relieve issues related to sciatica pain! ($100/60 minutes)

Ayurvedic Hair and Scalp Experience

Great alone or as an add-on to your massage. Your scalp is infused with warm Bindi oil and aromatherpeutic oils and massaged along with the neck and shoulders. Nourishes the scalp and strengthens the hair. (60 mins $100) (30 mins add-on $50)


2 guests in the same room enjoying simultaneous ambiance and therapy. Can be couples or mother-daughter, friends, etc.

Golfer’s Swing

Targets the areas that get torqued from the game. ‘Fore’ anyone wanting to maintain flexibility and focus. 

Tennis Match

Tennis players ‘love’ our specifically created techniques to help you take over the court! Also for Pickleball players. 


(weather permitting) enjoy the desert breezes while you drift away during your session. 

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