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Recent studies show that massage, can provide a wide variety of benefits that may surprise you. Boost your bodies immune system, relieve non muscular pain and better control your blood pressure.

1. Boost your immunity. Multiple studies have measured the stress hormone cortisol, a hormone that kills cells that are essential to your immunity. Studies showed that regular massage reduces stress levels and greatly diminished the cortisol in your body.

2. Blood Pressure: Recent research suggests massage reduces hypertension. A Southern Florida University study showed that hypertension patients who received 10 massages over a three week period demonstrated dramatic improvements in blood pressure as apposed to a group who received no massage and just rested in the same environment.

3. Relieve Pain: Massage creates chemical changes in your body that reduce pain and stress throughout the body. Massage can reduce the brain chemical substance P that is related to pain. In a recent study, individuals with fibromyalgia showed diminished levels of substance P after a just 8 massage sessions.

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