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Six Unspoken Questions About Massage Therapy

You love massage, but you have a few questions. Good news, our massage therapist, is going to address those questions for you now.

Question: I’m uncomfortable getting undressed for massage, do I have to be completely undressed for a massage?

Answer: No, you take off the clothes you are comfortable taking off. Talk to your massage therapist and he or she will explain and adapt to your needs. Wearing more clothes can complicate or diminish the effectiveness of certain techniques, but can most certainly enjoy getting a massage wearing casual clothes. Your massage therapist may not be able to use lotion and your massage may not work as deeply, but your comfort is important and you will still be able to have a very satisfying massage experience.

Question: How do I talk to my massage therapist about money? I would like to come more frequently but it is financially not possible.

Answer: If you feel your financial situation won’t allow you to receive further treatment, please talk to us we can help make sure you’ve considered all your options.

Sometimes your employer or insurance carrier may have you covered to receive massage therapy. Many people have coverage, but do not know it. Conditions and reimbursement can vary greatly, but may include full or partial reimbursement of your massage therapy sessions.

If you do not have any coverage, there are still options available. Consider coming in for shorter sessions, or if you have some flexibility with your schedule ask your therapist for a spot on their standby list. Your therapist might consider a discount fee if you can pop in for a last minute appointment.

Question: I’m not sure how much to tip for massage services.

Answer: Massage therapists working in spas usually receive only a percentage, and split the fee with the spa owner or receive a salary. When visiting a spa, it is common to tip 15-20 percent. Therapists may depend on tips for their income, in the same manner as restaurant servers will.

Your independent massage therapist will appreciate tips as well. The bottom line is if you feel like tipping, offer, and if you feel tipping is not appropriate, don’t.

We will visit more questions in our next blog entry. Make sure you come back and get answers to all your questions, or talk to your massage therapist today.

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