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Here are some tips for ensuring that your Massage Therapy session is exactly what you need.   You can ask some of these questions at the time of booking your appointment and/or with your therapist.  Each item is not listed in order of importance.

  • Ask about licensing and insurance.  This seems obvious but many are operating without one or both of these.
  • Ask about education and how long they have been in practice.  It is more important that they have experience over how many hours they have of school instruction.  I myself have been a full time therapist for 18 years and have a lot of mileage, versus thousands of hours of schooling.
  • Tell the therapist of any injuries, neck, back problems, situations, medications, surgeries and allergies if any.
  • Talk about why you are there today.  What is your goal of the session? Ask about a longer session to include more time on one area.  This is especially applicable if ordering Deep Tissue, as this is a slow modality often designed to focus on one area.
  • Make sure the therapist is listening to you.  If you don’t want your feet or any thing else worked on, say so.  It is your session and you are in control.
  • Know that you will undress to your level of comfort, meaning leaving underwear on or not.  You will always be covered except for the area we are working on at the time we are working on it.
  • Eat a light meal or snack about an hour before the session and of course hydrate before and after.  Feel free to use the restroom during your session and you will still get your full time on the table.
  • Ask if you will receive a 60 or 90 or 120 min hour, or a ‘spa hour’ which is often 10 plus minutes less (as is customary in most large spas)
  • When purchasing a gift certificate, suggest that the recipient can easily make their reservation by contacting is and whether they want it at their location or our studio.
  • If pregnant, know that lying face down on the table is a contraindication.  Some spas do it.  We don’t. We can access the entire body without risking your safety.
  • If ordering a mobile service, please ensure that the therapist has enough room to set up the table and walk around it comfortably.  If the therapist can work comfortably, you will get a better massage!  If enjoying your treatment outdoors, ensure that sprinklers will not operate at that time.
  • After your treatment and as often as possible, consume at least 2 glasses of room temperature or warm lemon water.
  • When booking a spa party, tell us what time you need to start and be finished by and approximately how many guests so we can schedule accordingly.

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