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Summer is the season of abundance and warmth, and a time to enjoy the nourishing gifts of the natural world. It is the time for social connection, travel, and new experience. Massage and bodywork for this season encourage you to feel a sense of wholeness and integration in your body. It is deeply nurturing for your body and mind, providing an opportunity for physical and emotional healing.

Techniques of integrative massage can be the perfect modality to nurture you in the summertime. This technique utilizes a slow rhythm, full hand contact, and firm, gliding strokes that emphasize the interconnectiveness of the parts of the body. Like the warmth of the summer sun, massage for this season allows you to relax your body, effortlessly letting go of long held patterns of tension and opening your heart and mind to new experience.

Because summer is a natural time for travel, it can also be a time to indulge your own spirit of adventure and try something new in your self-care program.

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